Student Power



教师将学习如何帮助学生识别和研究学生选择的当地公共政策问题, including alternate solutions and the presentation of such solutions to the appropriate decision-makers. 教师将获得协助,与民选官员进行拓展和组织虚拟课堂实地考察,并组织实地考察政府在当地会议上的行动,如迈阿密-戴德县委员会或M-DCPS立博中文版我们的时事通讯董事会会议. 将提供额外的培训和支持,帮助学生组织他们的工作,与社区中的其他人分享. 

你想向学生介绍积极的公民意识吗? Apply for a Student Power Innovator Grant to make your dream a reality!

  • 快速和简单的报告需求
  • 实地考察补助金(250美元)可通过借记卡支付
  • 完成资助后的教师津贴($250)
  • Recipients recognized at an Awards Reception and in an Awards Publication
  • 正在进行的研讨会、培训和支持
  • Open to 6th-12th grade public school teachers in Miami-Dade County


Apply now (scroll all the way down) for the 2021-22 school year!


Please note: We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you compose the body of your grant application first in a document such as MS Word, before cutting and pasting it into the online application template. 应用程序无法保存 当你在网上写作的时候, 在过去,在这个过程中,由于技术相关的中断,应用程序已经丢失, 例如服务器断开连接.

Please also read through these procedures and considerations before 启动应用程序:

  1. 您必须获得立博中文版我们的时事通讯校长的批准,以确保适当的行政人员了解您提交的资助申请.
  2. Project funds must be spent during the current school year.
  3. A final expense report will be required and periodic site visits may be conducted.
  4. 立博中文版 reserves the right to publicize all grant programs.
  5. Applicant's name or school name should not appear in the text of the grant. 在一般信息部分只包括姓名.
  6. Funds cannot be allocated toward personal honorariums for the applicant.
  7. Proposals will not be funded for expansion and/or maintenance of previous grants.
  8. 立博中文版 reserves the right to fund programs that it considers appropriate for one school, 但不是另一个.
  9. Each teacher may submit only one proposal; however, 如果一个老师是一个小组的一员, the teacher is not prohibited from submitting another proposal as part of a different team or on their own. 


  1. 单独写助学金,不要写在申请表上. 与其他读者一起编辑. 然后在申请中输入补助金. 一旦你开始进入,结束. 你不能回去做任何改变.
  2. 用句子写(预算除外). 避免教育术语. 不包括标准.
  3. Need: Describe the specific problems the students in this project have. Briefly, describe your project and items you need to purchase. Then show how this project will help these students solve these learning problems, 实现具体目标, and be creative. 注意:如果这不是一个课堂项目, 解释这些学生将在哪里以及如何出席并能够参与,以及该项目如何与课堂作业相关.
  4. 项目细节:描述整个项目. 把重点放在一个主要的例子上,然后深入讨论细节. Make it sound so interesting the judges will want to do it, too!
  5. 学生活动:使用大量的“学生将做……”..” sentences. 向他们展示解决问题的能力和创造性.
  6. Timeline: Show how project fits into regular studies, but concentrate on this project.
  7. Evaluation: Base evaluation on this project, not the whole year. It can be a test, 但也可以是一个示范, performance, composition, experiment, competition, 或者其他创造性的、真实的评价.
  8. 预算:按相同顺序列出. 使清单易于阅读. 法官通常先看预算. If items you are requesting need other equipment, mention it is already available. 如果物品可以在将来使用,就说出来.

Karen Deleon,项目副经理